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Overview of the Seven Formulas for Success for Personal and Professional Results.

Formula #1: Within each of us lies unlimited potential. The only limitations in life are those we place upon ourselves. 

Each of us has unlimited potential. We are hindered only by our own doubts and fears. With confidence and direction, we can achieve whatever we set our minds to, so dream big. Enlarge your vision of what is possible; determine what you need to do to accomplish your dreams; surround yourself with positive influences that motivate you to be your best; and rise to that level of greatness you’re seeking. 

Formula #2: Success is not a matter of chance but a matter of choice. 

Take charge of your life by taking charge of your choices. Every day you make decisions that either bring you closer to reaching your goals or take you farther away. No matter what life has dealt you, no matter what circumstances you have grown up in, no matter where you have been, you are not a victim of your circumstances. You may not have control over what life sends your way, but you always have the power to choose your reaction. Don’t make excuses for failure, but rather choose to succeed and to take full responsibility for your destination in life. 

Formula #3: Results stem from natural laws adhered to or broken. 

Success in life follows a formula: in order to gain our desired results, we need to learn the laws and then abide by their rules. Every time we follow a formula for Success, it yields a reward; every time we disobey, it yields a consequence. The laws will not be fooled. There are no shortcuts to obtaining the reward, and when we try to trick the system, we lose. By learning the formulas to Success and obeying them, we can achieve those rewards that unlock our true potential. Paying the price is the cost of admission to realizing our dreams, and there is no other way around it.

Formula #4: Wisdom is knowledge applied.

The key ingredient to making a dream a reality is action. When we take action we demonstrate faith that positive results will come when we pay the price. Because wisdom is knowledge applied, taking action literally moves us beyond mere knowledge into the realm of wisdom and then propels us toward our intended results. The WBDA principle is one such universal law that explains how every Success comes from applying knowledge through action. This law tells us that to reach our goal we have to (1) want it bad enough, (2) believe we can accomplish it, (3) do something by creating a plan, and then (4) achieve our goal by executing that plan. As students for life, we are constantly adding to our knowledge and moving forward to determine what it is we want in life, why we want it, how we’re going to get it, and when we will devote time to getting it. As we put all of these pieces in place, following the natural laws we’ve observed and applying our knowledge, we will be Successful.

Formula #5: Real Success is the consistent application of correct principles in every aspect of life. 

Establishing balance is a necessary element of a Successful life. Just as a chair missing a leg is off balance, we cannot find stability without achieving Success in all five of the core values—faith, relationships, personal development, health, and resources. A deficit in any one of these areas will produce catastrophic results in our overall satisfaction in life. The only way to have total fulfillment is to consciously balance our lives and prioritize our core values. When we are balanced, we avoid many pitfalls of life that come from being overly consumed in just one area. Through the correct application of universal formulas we can balance our spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, social, financial, and personal needs, and enjoy the fullness of life.

Formula #6: Focus is achieved as we overcome roadblocks to Success. 

Life will inevitably come with its share of challenges. These roadblocks to Success come in the form of fear, doubt, excuses, procrastination, and other paralyzing obstacles. All of these hurdles share one crippling component: they suspend action and paralyze progress. We must recognize when these challenges come our way and know that their intent is to thwart our efforts. By focusing on our core values and goals, we can remain diligent to our purpose and constant in our mission. Learn from your mistakes to prepare for the future and to live a more productive today. Let your challenges make you even more determined to realize your goals and to live your dreams. Overcome roadblocks to Success by staying focused on your dream and pursuing your potential with a relentless determination no matter what stands in your way.

Formula #7: A lifetime commitment to Success is found in the persistent pursuit of excellence. 

Each of us has a range of comfort in life that we tend to stay in. Going outside of our comfort zone often scares us, and that fear limits what we are capable of. In order to elevate ourselves to an even higher level of greatness, we must experience a breakout from the old range of comfort and explode into a level of ultimate Success. This breakout requires us to be fully invested with intense determination and momentum to shatter the glass ceiling that has restricted us all these years. Once you shatter this barrier, you will see amazing results and finally start living your life. Don’t settle for a life of mediocrity or complacency, but commit yourself to a life of excellence. Determine to be your best at all times, in all places, and under any circumstance. Live your life by correct principles and remain firm despite the distractions that may surround you. As you commit your life to excellence, you will become a participant rather than just an observer.
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Stephen R. Covey, author, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
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