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Book: Common Denominators for Success

For centuries people have searched for the underlying elements of lasting success that would produce results in every aspect of life.  Kenny J. Anderson has devoted 20 years of research to uncover these 7 Formulas, in his book Common Denominators For Success.
Whether you are looking to pursue a lifelong goal, increase your ability to connect with others, be in optimal health,  maximize your use time and money, increase the profitability of your company, or create a dynamic workplace,  these seven timeless principles will uncover the answers that will allow you to reach your potential and turn your personal and professional ambitions into reality.

Ordinary people throughout all eras of time, have achieved extraordinary results as they have applied these seven powerful formulas, but now is the time for you to live your dreams and get the results you want.

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Workbook: Common Denominators for Success

This workbook will take you on a step by step process of applying the 7 Universal formulas for Success. Once you discover and identify your real objectives, you will create a plan of action, that when executed will produce powerful results in your life.
The Common Denominators workbook will help you take the tools you have learned and actively create your own blueprint for Success. The workbook offers you an opportunity to become a participant in Success rather than just an observer. The exercises provided in this workbook include the creation of your own bucket list, developing personal affirmations that will fuel your ability to take action, mastering the WBDA principle in every aspect of your life, and many other powerful tools and applications that will customize your personal blueprint for Success.

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Kenny Anderson’s book, Common Denominators for Success, focuses on 7 formulas that will bring powerful results in every aspect of life, from health to relationships to effective management of time and money. These principles really work because they are timeless and universal.

Stephen R. Covey, author, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
and The Leader in Me


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